In response to recent updates with YouTube and Google Apps for Education (GAFE), we have made changes to how YouTube works in the classroom. If you are an approved Google Classroom teacher, you now have unrestricted YouTube access. This is TRULY UNRESTRICTED!

This YouTube change will allow you to play videos in your classroom WITHOUT any filters. However, your students will still be filtered. Please reinforce digital citizenship.

If your students need to watch a video within Google Classroom or on classroom iPads, you may approve a video to be played. This approval will allow ANYONE in the district to watch the video, so please do not leave this open and unattended.

Google Admin has access to the videos being approved and who approved them. Once a video is approved, you may also restrict it again from being able to be watched once the students are done with the content.

Here is a quick 2 minute video explaining how to approve a video for viewing:

Thank you to those that brought these updates to our attention as we are not always notified in advance of the changes that might affect our use.  E-mail if you need assistance or a solution for technology integration in your classroom.