All Lubbock-Cooper ISD staff have a District Account that gives access to essential district resources. Your login name and password are also required to check district email.

To activate your District Account, go to SSPR Utility at

Step 1: Start

  • Click “Activate Account” to activate your account
  • Enter your District Account username.  This was provided to you from Human Resources.
  • Enter your last name.
  • Click “Activate”

Step 2: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Please read through the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). At the end of the policy, you will see a box that allows you to choose “I Agree”. If you choose “I Agree”, you are acknowledging you will abide by the Acceptable Use Policy and can move on to finish the activation of your District Account. If you do not check this box, or you click “Cancel” you will not be able to continue your account activation.  Click “Continue” to proceed with activation.

Step 3: Password

You will be prompted to enter a District Account password. You can enter a password of your choice that meets the guidelines listed on the page.  A password strength indicator will appear to the right as you are typing to give you an idea of how strong your password is.  You can click the “eye” icon next to the box(es) to reveal or hide the text of your passwords.

If you wish, you can have Password Self-Service suggest some passwords by clicking the “Auto-generate a new password” link, which will present a list of password suggestions for you to choose from.  After clicking one, you will need to type it yourself in the second box to confirm it.  You can also alter the suggested password to be more to your liking as well so long as it continues to meet the guidelines.

Once you’ve entered the password twice and committed the password to memory, click “Change Password”.

Step 4: Security

The security questions give you additional protection against identity theft. If you’ve forgotten your password, you will need to answer 2 of your 4 selected security questions correctly in order to set a new one.  If you leave this page without saving responses, you will not be able to reset your password if you forget it.

For each entry, select a question from the list and enter the appropriate answer.  As with the password entry, you can use the “eye” icon to reveal your responses to ensure you typed them correctly or click it again to hide it from people nearby who may be able to see your screen.  Once you’ve completed the 4 questions, click “Save Responses” to continue.

You will also be prompted for one additional question which may be used by Technology staff to verify your identity in the event you call us for password reset assistance.  Enter the appropriate answer, and click “Save Responses” again.

You will have an opportunity to read and review your responses before submitting, however it will show the responses on the screen and make them visible to anyone else watching the users screen

Step 6: Finish SSPR

You will be taken to a web page confirming that your password has been changed.  Upon exit from SSPR, you will be directed to the District’s HelpDesk.  If you’re using your account for the first time, please login to the HelpDesk to establish your account within the ticket and asset system.

Step 7:  Email access

The District uses Gmail via G-Suite for our email platform.   Use your full LCISD email address ( and the password you created in SSPR to access LCISD Gmail.  The link for this is

For mobility access, please visit the following page for instructions.