A smart/secure way of sharing large files over the Internet


Sending and receiving large files internally and externally has become an integral part of a company’s communication system. Companies employ different file sharing solutions for exchanging data and facilitating collaboration between customers, clients, employees and partners. Most prevalent file sharing solutions include email services, FTP, web-based services and in many cases, mailing documents via overnight shipping services. Each of these solutions comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages – some drawbacks may lead to security risk and limitations, leading to a less successful handshake between the company and its client.


SynaMan is a Remote File Manager and a robust replacement for FTP allowing remote file transfer and remote file management. With features like unlimited size of file transfer, global access of files from anywhere (place-independent and time-independent), easy methodology for compressing/decompressing the files and remote clipboard operations, SynaMan is currently leading the technology for its file sharing operation.


Creating public links in SynaMan



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